Improve your digital health – launch of national cybersecurity awareness campaign focusing on updates and virus protection

Bern, 04.04.2024 - Regular updates and up-to-date virus protection greatly improve cybersecurity. This is why the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Swiss Crime Prevention (SCP) and cantonal and communal police forces are now launching a further part of the national campaign emphasising the importance of up-dates and virus protection. The campaign is supported by the internet security platform iBarry and "eBanking – but secure!" (EBAS).

Under the slogan "Improve your digital health", the 2024 campaign is today turning its focus to updates and virus protection. The campaign echoes the healthy-living trend that has been popular for several years. But what about our digital health? Regular updates of the operating system, software and apps as well as up-to-date virus protection actively protect digital devices from intruders. If a device is pro-tected properly, cyberattacks are made more difficult – and that applies to businesses, organsiations and private individuals. The campaign website explains more.

National awareness campaign on updates and virus protection

On 4 April the NCSC, the SCP and cantonal and communal police forces, supported by iBarry and EBAS, are launching a public awareness campaign on the importance of updates and virus protection. On a range of communication channels, the themes of fitness and health are used to illustrate that not only the body must be kept fit, but software too. The campaign website provides further information on the topic, and visitors to the site can take a quiz to see how much they have learnt. The campaign lasts until 30 April 2024.

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