New NCS projects

The implementation of the NCS proceeds according to the NCS implementation plan. However, just like digitalisation itself, this is a dynamic process. The risks can never be completely mitigated – there is no conclusive security. For this reason, the Steering Committee continuously examines the need for new measures or projects, extending or supplementing them where necessary to meet the current threat situation.

Requests for the inclusion of new projects are dealt with by the NCS StC and subsequently added to the implementation plan for the 2018–2022 national strategy for the protection of Switzerland against cyber-risks (NCS). They must be submitted in advance to the NCSC office using the application form below. The office will conduct a preliminary review and then consult the NCS StC.

Application form for new NCS projects:

The following projects have already been approved by the NCS StC for inclusion in the NCS implementation plan:

  • A "label for IT partners" from ICTswitzerland
  • A "label for communes" from in cooperation with the NCSC

Last modification 17.12.2020

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