Implementation plan

On 15 May 2019, the Federal Council adopted the implementation plan for the 2018–2022 national strategy for the protection of Switzerland against cyber-risks (NCS). The implementation plan for the 2018–2022 NCS defines the tasks and responsibilities of the involved organisational units of the Federal Administration and, in addition, indicates which projects will be carried out by third parties (cantons, business community, universities) within the framework of the NCS.

In order to achieve the broadest possible support for the implementation plan, its contents were developed in workshops involving 70 representatives of the Federal Administration, representatives of all 26 cantons and over 150 people from the business community and universities. The implementation plan identifies concrete projects for the execution of each measure. It specifies which units are responsible for the execution of the projects and which milestones are to be reached by when.

Last modification 28.10.2021

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