Overarching organisation of the Confederation in the area of cyber-risks

The Federal Council defined the overarching organisation of the Confederation in the area of cyber-risks on 30 January 2019. The key elements of this organisation in relation to NCS implementation are:

  • Federal Council Cyber Committee: This consists of the heads of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF), the Federal Department of Justice and Police (FDJP) and the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS), and has the task of supervising the implementation of the NCS.
  • Federal Cyber Security Delegate: The Delegate is in charge of the strategic management of cybersecurity in the Confederation, heads the interdepartmental bodies appointed by the Confederation (with the exception of the Cyber Committee) and represents the Confederation in other bodies.
  • Cyber Core Group: This boosts coordination between the three areas of security, defence and criminal prosecution, ensures a joint threat assessment and supervises the handling of serious and interdepartmental incidents by federal units. 
  • NCS Steering Committee (NCS StC): Ensures the coordinated and targeted implementation of the NCS measures and develops proposals for the further development of the NCS.

Within the Federal Administration, a distinction is made between three areas with regard to cyber-risks:

  • Cybersecurity: This area covers the totality of measures aimed at prevention, incident management and the improvement of resilience against cyber-risks.
  • Cyberdefence: All civil intelligence and military measures designed to defend critical systems, defend against attacks in cyberspace, ensure the operational readiness of the Armed Forces in all situations and build capacity and capabilities to provide subsidiary support to civil authorities.
  • Cyberprosecution: All measures taken by the police and federal and cantonal prosecutors to combat cybercrime.

Last modification 19.04.2021

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