Public security test «SwissCovid Proximity Tracing System» 2.0

The SwissCovid app will soon be supplemented with the NotifyMe app, to be used for checking in for meetings and events. The source code of the SwissCovid app will thus be expanded. This code is also available to the public and is to be subjected to a public security test. The public security test for the supplementary code will start on 9 June 2021. It goes without saying that vulnerabilities in the existing source code can still be reported.

Please help us by reporting any vulnerabilities.

New components for SwissCovid 2.0

App backend CrowdNotifier:
QR-Code Web-Landingpage:

Existing and adapted for SwissCovid 2.0

Android repository:
iOS repository: 
App config backend:
Covidcode backend:

Existing, not adapted

App backend ExposureNotifications:   
Covidcode Frontend:

The public security test will be carried out by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and aims to provide full transparency. Test results are to be reported via the NCSC website, where there is a form for entering detailed information. The NCSC will receive these reports, evaluate their contents, prioritise them according to their criticality and, if necessary, arranges remedies. Existing feedback is publicly available on the NCSC website and is updated regularly.


Last modification 30.08.2023

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