Current incidents


Fake emails in the name of the NCSC
Cybercriminals are currently sending out fake emails in the name of the NCSC. For this purpose, the threat actors are using the domain ncscS .ch (additional S). Do not reply to such emails!
05.07.2022 17:50
Supposed SBB competition
The NCSC is currently receiving numerous reports of a supposed competition run by SBB to celebrate its 120th anniversary and with the possibility of winning CHF 2,000. After answering a few questions, you have to register and a subscription for CHF 14.50 per week is thereby taken out. Ignore this WhatsApp message and do not forward it to your contacts.
10.06.2022 11:20
Spate of call centre phone calls with fake numbers
Call centres are currently making calls using fake numbers that are actually assigned to private individuals. The number owners are now receiving callbacks from other private individuals, who were notified of missed calls. There can be dozens of such calls. Unfortunately, little can be done about this. Based on experience, the waves subside again after a short time.
03.06.2022 09:00



Hot topics


The email avalanche at the end of the holidays and those forgotten passwords

11.08.2022 - After your relaxing summer holiday, it's time to go back to work. There are various login credentials and passwords to be entered, and there is a large backlog of emails in your mailbox. The NCSC provides tips on how to avoid stressing over multiple passwords, plus a warning about being careful when dealing with a full mailbox, as it could also contain fraudulent emails.

Week 31: New phishing scheme with QR code bill

09.08.2022 - The number of reports received by the NCSC remained unchanged last week. Two new phishing schemes stood out. In the first phishing variant, a link allegedly leads to a personalised online sharing service, where people have to enter the password for their webmail. In the second new variant, a fake QR code bill in the name of Sunrise is sent via email.

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