Current incidents


Voice message leads to malware
The NCSC is currently receiving reports of text messages alerting the recipient to a supposed voice message. Anyone who clicks on the link in the text message is taken to a fake website, where the victim is prompted to download the message. In reality, however, it is a case of malware. Do not download this file under any circumstances. Do not click on the link in the text message and delete the message.
10.05.2022 16:05
Text messages with alleged notifications lead to malware
Text messages with alleged (parcel) notifications are currently in circulation. Here are some examples (in German): «S ie haben einen neue Bena chrichtigung!» or «Tr acking: Ihr Paket ist unteowegs». The spaces in some words are typical. Clicking on the link opens a page on which packaged software is supposed to be downloaded. It is actually the FluBot malware. If you have received such a text message, delete it immediately. Do not install the file under any circumstances!
25.03.2022 09:30
Swisscom bills allegedly paid twice
We are currently receiving numerous reports about Swisscom bills that have allegedly been paid twice. These are phishing emails. The attackers are using this method to try to obtain access data to the Swisscom Customer Center, as well as credit card data, including a one-time text message code. Ignore such emails.
25.02.2022 15:00



Hot topics


MS Exchange vulnerabilities still not patched

16.05.2022 - The NCSC has sent registered letters to more than 200 companies to notify and warn them once again about vulnerable Microsoft Exchange servers. The security vulnerability was discovered quite some time ago and is being actively exploited by cybercriminals.

Broad support among businesses and cantons for cyberattack reporting obligation

12.05.2022 - The consultation on the introduction of a reporting obligation for cyberattacks on critical infrastructures has ended. It showed that a reporting obligation is generally welcomed by businesses, the research sector and the cantons. The NCSC will now examine all of the feedback received and finalise the proposal.

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