Current incidents


Phishing text messages aimed at Revolut customers
The NCSC is currently receiving reports about phishing text messages targeting customers of Revolut. Citing apparent regulatory requirements, the message requests that customers perform an ID verification. To do so, they are supposed to call up a website. Ignore these text messages. Do not enter any passwords on websites that you have reached by clicking on a link.
24.10.2022 16:00
Fake emails in the name of the NCSC
Cybercriminals are currently sending out fake emails in the name of the NCSC. For this purpose, the threat actors are using the domain ncscS .ch (additional S). Do not reply to such emails!
05.07.2022 17:50
Supposed SBB competition
The NCSC is currently receiving numerous reports of a supposed competition run by SBB to celebrate its 120th anniversary and with the possibility of winning CHF 2,000. After answering a few questions, you have to register and a subscription for CHF 14.50 per week is thereby taken out. Ignore this WhatsApp message and do not forward it to your contacts.
10.06.2022 11:20



Hot topics


Week 48: Phone calls from your credit card provider – apparently

06.12.2022 - Last week, the NCSC once again received fewer reports than in the previous week, with 561 in total. Particularly striking were phone calls in which fraudsters attempted to obtain confidential information. In some cases, the caller claims to be an employee of a credit card provider and tries to obtain one-time passwords.

NCSC to become federal office in DDPS

02.12.2022 - Based on the growing significance of cybersecurity and the good work done in recent years to establish the National Cybersecurity Centre (NCSC) in the Federal Department of Finance (FDF), the NCSC is to become a federal office. During its meeting on 2 December 2022, the Federal Council decided that the new federal office will be located in the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS). It instructed the DDPS, in collaboration with the FDF, to define the structures of the new federal office by end-March 2023.

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