Current incidents


Threatening emails purported from the police
In recent days, the NCSC has noticed an increase in purported threats made in the name of the police (mostly Europol). The emails threaten to initiate criminal proceedings against the recipient if no reply is received within 72 hours. The recipient is then given the opportunity to pay a surety. The emails come in several variations, including one that asks you to call a telephone number. Ignore any such threatening emails.
16.09.2021 15:50
Phishing in the name of the federal administration
With an email claiming to be issued by the Federal Administration and concerning online payment data, fraudsters try to obtain credit card informations and other personal data. Please do not comply with their request.
08.07.2021 00:00
Bogus blackmail emails
Fraudsters are currently sending out large numbers of bogus blackmail emails in which they pretend to have hacked your mobile phone and to have access to the camera and microphone. They threaten to publish compromising films and images if you do not pay a ransom in bitcoin. This is just a bluff. Do not be intimidated and ignore these fake sextortion emails.
30.06.2021 00:00



Hot topics


Week 36 in review

14.09.2021 - Last week, in addition to the reports it received (which were within the normal range), the NCSC's focus was on a new development. With immediate effect, the NCSC's weekly statistics on the number and type of reports are available in interactive form, thereby simplifying data queries. Among the reports, the NCSC noted another report about a fictitious hotel website, which was ostensibly looking for new staff but then demanded a "fee".

Week 35 in review

07.09.2021 - The NCSC registered an average number of reports last week. It dealt with reports about the resurrection of websites that were thought to have been deleted. There were also renewed reports of a familiar blackmail technique involving deleted databases.

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