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Week 22 in review

08.06.2021 - Last week, the number of incidents reported to the NCSC was low. There was good news for victims of Avaddon ransomware: the "No More Ransom" project published a decryption tool for this ransomware. Another noteworthy item was a fake competition spread via WhatsApp in which people could apparently win a Rolex watch. In addition, the NCSC received reports of a new tactic in fake support calls: instead of a phone call, victims received an email asking them to call back, ostensibly to update their Norton virus protection.

Week 21 in review

01.06.2021 - Last week, the NCSC received slightly more reports than in the previous week. Notable reports concerned a Swisscom invoice that had supposedly been paid twice. This was a phishing attempt. In addition, a victim of investment fraud was contacted by an alleged "regulator" who promised help.

Public security test for COVID-19 certificate system

31.05.2021 - Between now and the end of June 2021, the COVID-19 certificate system will be implemented with the solution of the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT). The first certificates will be issued gradually in the cantons during a pilot phase set to start on 7 June. The system will be rolled out across Switzerland by the end of June. As it is to provide a very high level of security, it will be subjected to a broad public security test. Effective immediately, the source code of the first version of the Swiss COVID-19 certificate system is available for this public security test.

Help improve the services provided by the NCSC's national contact point for cybersecurity

26.05.2021 - Since the start of 2020, SMEs and the general public have been able to report cyberincidents to the contact point of the National Cybersecurity Centre (NCSC). Effective from December 2020, these incidents can be entered using a newly designed multi-stage form. Those who report incidents receive first-level support tips as soon as they submit the form. In order to further develop the offering, the NCSC is conducting a survey on the needs of SMEs and the general public.

Week 20 in review

25.05.2021 - Last week, the NCSC received an average number of reports. Notable reports included those on CEO fraud, a new approach to classified ad scams and a well-known method of spreading malware.

Week 19 in review

17.05.2021 - Last week, the NCSC once again received a slightly higher number of reports, which can be attributed to a spate of fake sextortion. Other notable reports included a fictitious hotel looking for employees and requiring payment in advance, as well as a crude text message aimed at collecting supposed debts.

First NCSC semi-annual report with focus on healthcare

11.05.2021 - The NCSC's first semi-annual report deals with the most important cyberincidents of the second half of 2020 in Switzerland and internationally. It replaces the former MELANI semi-annual report. The main topic is digitalisation in the healthcare sector and the challenges it faces with regard to current cyberthreats.

Week 18 in review

11.05.2021 - The NCSC received a moderate number of reports last week. Reports were made of fake support calls combined with pop-up windows as well as fraudulent calendar entries being sent. In addition, it received information about bills from mobile phone providers that had allegedly been paid twice and a fake Migros competition.

First bug bounty programme in the Federal Administration

10.05.2021 - The Federal Administration and Bug Bounty Switzerland GmbH will launch a joint pilot project today. The aim of the two-week test, which will be overseen by the NCSC, is to gather initial experience with bug bounty programmes and assess their future use in relation to the security of infrastructures in administrations and companies.

Be vigilant

07.05.2021 - Your personal conduct in the digital world is important. Therefore: Reduce the risk of fraud by staying alert, always use your common sense and share as little personal information as possible.

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