Holiday time: what to watch out for when you return home

10.08.2023 - After you have enjoyed your summer holidays, it is important to take care of your cybersecurity too when you return home.

Holiday season: be mindful of cybersecurity even while travelling

27.07.2023 - While you are enjoying your summer holidays and travelling, it is important that you also keep on top of your cybersecurity. Protecting your personal data and avoiding online threats should also be a priority during your trip.

Holiday season: what you should consider before you leave home

13.07.2023 - The summer holidays are upon us, and holiday time often means travel time. In an increasingly connected world, where various mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets also travel with you, it is important to protect yourself from the dangers present in cyberspace. This is particularly the case when travelling abroad.

Cybertip: Things to watch out for in the Internet of Things

20.04.2023 - The Internet of Things (IoT) offers many advantages: heating systems, fridges, TVs, WiFi routers and various other devices can be connected to the internet, allowing them to be operated and monitored remotely. In manufacturing too, entire production processes can be operated via the internet. Yet, in addition to all the opportunities and convenience, the IoT also carries risks. What exactly is the IoT, and what opportunities and risks does it involve?

Cybertip: Back up your data regularly

31.03.2023 - Accidental deletion, technical problems and cyberattacks are common causes for the loss of important electronic data. An effective backup strategy, and therefore good data protection, helps to minimise the adverse effects of data loss. World Backup Day on 31 March is intended to remind everyone to back up their data regularly.

Cybertip: For a secure mobile workspace

13.03.2023 - New ways of working are being introduced in many companies and organisations. For example, employees increasingly have the option of working away from the office and accessing the network remotely. However, remote access technologies carry certain risks. For this reason, it is important to observe a few security rules, both at home and on the road. Below you will find some tips on what you can do to make your mobile workspace more secure.

Cybertip: Five steps to ensure your digital security

06.02.2023 - Launched by the European Commission, Safer Internet Day takes place every year in February to promote a common awareness of safe and responsible use of digital media. In Switzerland, the Youth and Media national platform and the National Cybersecurity Centre, among others, use this day to raise public awareness. Thanks to the mnemonic S-U-P-E-R, internet users can easily check and optimise their cyberspace conduct.

Cybertip: manipulated USB flash drives are a gateway for cyberattacks

12.01.2023 - USB flash drives have long been part of everyday computer life and are used to store data or transfer it from one computer to another. However, many people do not realise that manipulated USB flash drives can also be used to hack into computers.

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