Holiday time: what to watch out for when you return home

10.08.2023 - After you have enjoyed your summer holidays, it is important to take care of your cybersecurity too when you return home.

After returning from holiday, everyday life quickly catches up with us again. In addition to unpacking your suitcases, you should also tend to a few cyberspace things. Below you will find out what measures you should consider regarding cybersecurity after you return from your holidays:

Monitor your accounts:
In the weeks following your return, look out especially for suspicious activity in your online accounts. Check your bank statements, credit card statements and other financial transactions carefully. If you notice anything unusual, contact your bank or credit card provider immediately and inform them of the suspicious activity.

Delete unnecessary data:
Check your devices for any unnecessary apps or programs you may have installed during your trip. Unused apps can present potential security vulnerabilities, so it is advisable to keep only those you actually use.

Back up your photos and documents:
If you stored photos and documents on your devices during your holiday, make sure you back them up. For example, use an external hard drive, a cloud storage solution or an online backup service to make a copy of your important files. This will protect your memories and keep you safe from data loss.

Raise awareness among your family:
It is not only during the holiday season that you should take time to talk about cybersecurity and share good practices with your family. Tell them about the importance of strong passwords, the risks of public WiFi networks and how to recognise suspicious emails or messages. By raising your family's awareness of cybersecurity, you can create a safer online environment together.

Remember that maintaining cybersecurity is an ongoing process that requires you to be vigilant at all times. These cybersecurity practices should continue to be followed after your summer holidays to maintain your cybersecurity. Stay up to date on the latest threats and best practices to protect yourself effectively.

Last modification 10.08.2023

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