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National Cyber Security Centre NCSC
Schwarztorstrasse 59
CH-3003 Bern

Report incidents

In order to report incidents, please use the reporting form:

Report vulnerabilities

In order to report vulnerabilities, please use the reporting form:

Reporting form

General enquiries

General enquiries can be sent to the following email address:

info [at]

Information for media representatives

Media representatives can contact the following email address:

media [at]

Further Information

Encryption keys

If you wish to encrypt your e-mail to us, please use the PGP keys below:

E-Mail: incidents [at]
Key ID: 0xD7821C5929E8B4BB
Fingerprint: D9AD 994A 9B46 6365 C658 34B2 D782 1C59 29E8 B4BB

E-Mail: vulnerability [at]
Key ID: 0xBCBB3E225F16898A
Fingerprint: F25A B97C 779A 0C6A 0DE0 F356 BCBB 3E22 5F16 898A

E-Mail: bugbounty [at]
Key ID: 0xBC74B56B5291D20B
Fingerprint: 0260 7354 77EE AFE5 4524 06C6 BC74 B56B 5291 D20B

You can also use the following S/MIME certificates:

E-Mail: incidents [at]
Fingerprint: 8c742e0514a4e77c78a0144e38499782259e8424

E-Mail: vulnerability [at]
Fingerprint: bc4563dc1e37b759cd83ffa72a0d4bed468340c2

E-Mail: bugbounty [at]
Fingerprint s/mime: ebd3b0a71bfc7bb0c7c385d42be5a07064b41a11


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