The National Cybersecurity Centre

The National Cybersecurity Centre (NCSC) is the Confederation's competence centre for cybersecurity and thus the first contact point for businesses, public administrations, educational institutions and the general public for cyberissues. It is responsible for the coordinated implementation of the 2018–2022 national strategy for the protection of Switzerland against cyber-risks (NCS).

In recent years, cyber security has become increasingly important at all levels. It plays a key role in national and international foreign and security policy, and is increasingly becoming an important factor both for the general public and Switzerland as a business location. By creating the NCSC, under the leadership of the Federal Cybersecurity Delegate, the Federal Council aims to support the population, the economy, educational institutions and public administrations in protecting against cyber-risks and improving the security of its own systems.

The Ordinance on Protecting against Cyber-Risks in the Federal Administration (CyRO) adopted by the Federal Council entered into force on 1 July 2020. It provides the legal basis for the creation and expansion of the NCSC, and regulates the structure, tasks and responsibilities of the authorities involved. 


NCSC organisation


The Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance (MELANI), together with the national Computer Emergency Response Team (GovCERT), has been integrated into the NCSC as a technical expertise hub and expanded further.

The newly created national contact point receives cyberincident reports from the public and the business community, analyses them and provides those submitting reports with an assessment of the incident, as well as recommendations for further action.

The NCSC maintains a pool of experts to support the Federal offices in developing and implementing cybersecurity standards.
As the federal ICT security specialist unit, the NCSC issues cybersecurity specifications within the Federal Administration (own protection), checks compliance with them and supports service providers in eliminating vulnerabilities. Within the Federal Administration and after consulting the services concerned, the NCSC can take the lead when a cyberincident is threatening the proper functioning of the Federal Administration.

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