Current Incidents

Invitation to tender with malware in the attachment
Emails are currently being sent on behalf of a university. The recipients are invited to participate in a tender for the 2021 school budget. For more information, they are supposed to click on an attachment. Malware is installed when the attachment is opened. Do not click on the attachment under any circumstances.
17.03.2021 01:00
Vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Exchange Server
The NCSC is receiving reports of successful attacks that exploit the current vulnerabilities in Microsoft's Exchange Server Microsoft disclosed the vulnerabilities on 2 March 2021 and provided corresponding updates. Exchange administrators should apply these updates as soon as possible, if they have not already done so. You will find more information on the blog of NCSC/GovCERT:
08.03.2021 01:00
Fraud attempts in the name of the customs administration
Over the last few days an increasing number of e-mails have been reported referring to alleged parcel delivery and requesting a fee payment. For the payment, you are asked to purchase a Paysafecard and send the code to an e-mail address. The e-mail address of the fraudsters is hidden behind the seemingly official address, e.g. that of the Customs Administration. Ignore these e-mails.
16.02.2021 01:00
Alleged calls from Microsoft
Numerous reports of alleged calls from Microsoft. The callers claim that the victim’s computer contains malware. These are attempts at fraud (fake support). End the telephone conversation immediately.
16.12.2020 01:00