Current Incidents

New Emotet-Malware-Wave hitting Switzerland
The malspam emails are carefully crafted and in some cases pretend to be from public administrations or police forces in Switzerland. They carry a password protected ZIP file containing a malicious office document with Macros. Do not open it!
06.01.2021 01:00
CEO fraud with gift cards
Emails allegedly sent by the CEO ask employees to buy gift cards and to forward their numbers. This is a variant of the CEO fraud.
21.12.2020 01:00
Phishing attempt in the name of the customs administration
E-mail claiming that a parcel cannot be delivered because customs duties of CHF 1.99 still need to be paid. You are aked to click on a link and enter your credit card details. This is a phishing attempt.
17.12.2020 01:00
Alleged calls from Microsoft
Numerous reports of alleged calls from Microsoft. The callers claim that the victim’s computer contains malware. These are attempts at fraud (fake support). End the telephone conversation immediately.
16.12.2020 01:00