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Cooperation with authorities, academia and the business community is crucial in the area of cybersecurity. Accordingly, there are various initiatives and cooperation efforts, especially in the area of prevention. Some further links on this topic can be found below.

Cybersecurity labels:

  • The "cyber-safe" label gives authorities and companies the opportunity to test their IT infrastructure and thus achieve an appropriate level of cybersecurity.
    (available in German and French)

  • IT service providers awarded the CyberSeal label guarantee their customers an adequate level of protection against cyber risks through appropriate technical and organisational measures.
    (available in German and French)

Dealing with data protection:

  • The website of the data protection officer of the canton of Zurich provides information on dealing with data protection correctly.
    www.datenschutz.ch (available in German)

Cybersecurity information platforms:

  • The iBarry internet security platform was created as a result of the commitment of the business community and authorities. It offers information on cybersecurity.

Prevention campaigns:

  • Cyberattacks via email and messenger services are on the rise. They can be detected by critically examining messages, thereby making it possible to avoid major financial losses and personal suffering. To promote public awareness, the National Cybersecurity Centre NCSC and Swiss Crime Prevention SCP, together with the cantonal and city police forces, ran the S-U-P-E-R.ch national cybersecurity awareness campaign from 5 September to 16 October 2022.

  • The Federal Administration regularly runs awareness campaigns for its employees regarding safe behaviour in cyberspace. However, much of the information and tips also apply for users outside the Federal Administration.
    Information and content from the current campaign "Security is in your hands" are published at:

Digital innovation:

  • Digitalswitzerland is a nationwide, cross-sectoral initiative that aims to position Switzerland as a leading international location for digital innovation.
    The umbrella organisation was created in 2020 following the merger of Digitalswitzerland and ICTswitzerland.

Crime prevention:

Public administration digitalisation:

  • As of 1 January 2022, the Digital Public Services Switzerland carries out all operational activities of the Swiss Conference on Informatics (ISC) necessary for the elaboration of the General Terms and Conditions for ICT services. It negotiates and drafts the General Terms and Conditions until the contract is signed by the ISC.
    Digital Public Services Switzerland

Coordination on security policy issues:

  • The Swiss Security Network (SSN) is a core element of the Federal Council's 2010 security policy report. The Confederation and the cantons have agreed to work together on security policy issues.

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