Travelling abroad

When travelling abroad, particular care should be taken when using mobile devices such as laptops or smartphones. Check for country-specific requirements before you leave. Take great care and be very cautious if you use an internet café or public WiFi network, for example in a hotel or at the airport. Never edit sensitive information on public devices or networks (this also applies to e-banking).

Devices you take with you

Protect yourself against theft or loss of devices when travelling abroad by only carrying essential items. Hotel safes do not offer any special protection as they can be opened by the hotel in case of emergency.

Confidential information

The border authorities in some countries are allowed to examine hard disks and may possibly confiscate them. If possible, do not take any digital data abroad. If this is unavoidable, encrypt the information.

Public WiFi and charging stations

Many public buildings such as airports or railway stations offer USB charging stations. Using these services can have serious consequences: plugs that are defective or have been tampered can cause permanent damage to your device. The use of publicly accessible USB charging stations also carries the risk of your devices being infected. Prefer using your own charging station.

To prevent these dangers, it is best to use a power bank, i.e. a large battery with a charger for smartphones. Power banks can be charged at public charging stations. You can then connect your smartphone or tablet to the power bank.

When using public WiFi networks (e.g. in hotels or at railway stations) there is a risk that unauthorised third parties can read or even access your data. It is more advisable to access the internet directly via the corresponding device (e.g. using data roaming). However, depending on the type of contract you have with your telecommunications provider, this can lead to considerable additional costs. Check the relevant conditions before you travel.

Devices belong in your hand luggage

Devices in your hand luggage remain under your control. Never leave your hand luggage unattended to prevent any risk of theft. In addition, be aware that there is a risk that devices in your checked luggage may be damaged during transit (e.g. baggage handling at the airport).

Last modification 16.12.2020

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