Launch of the national cybersecurity awareness campaign

05.09.2022 - Cyberattacks via email and messenger services are on the rise. They can be detected by critically examining messages, thereby making it possible to avoid major financial losses and personal suffering. To promote public awareness, the NCSC and Swiss Crime Prevention SCP, together with the cantonal and city police forces, are launching the national cybersecurity awareness campaign on 5 September 2022.

Cyberattacks are often carried out via email or messenger services. Cybercriminals try to lure potential victims into traps by promising large profits, offering the prospect of an inheritance from a stranger or pretending that their computer has been hacked. The fraud is not always obvious, as the attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. They often use psychological tricks such as fear and time pressure, or take advantage of the recipients being distracted and in a rush.

A quick click can do a lot of damage

A seemingly benign action such as clicking on a link or opening an attachment can lead to major damage. Sometimes credit card details are requested and then misused, or else malware is installed and data is encrypted and stolen. This can threaten the very existence of businesses as well as private individuals. Investigations are frequently complicated, as the criminals usually operate from abroad.

Averting cyberattacks by staying alert

By paying enough attention, a fraudulent message can be quickly detected and damage prevented. There are various indicators and approaches that point to a cyberattack. Starting on 5 September 2022, the National Cybersecurity Centre NCSC and Swiss Crime Prevention SCP, together with the cantonal and city police forces, will be raising Swiss public awareness of how to detect fraudulent messages. The most important information is provided on the campaign website The features of fraudulent messages are illustrated with concrete examples, and people can test their newly acquired skills with a quiz. Furthermore, the campaign content will be circulated by means of posters and social media. The awareness campaign will run until 16 October 2022.

The Information is available in German, French and Italian.

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