Security authorities launch national awareness campaign on backing up data

31.08.2023 - Regularly backing up data is very important and makes a significant contribution to cybersecurity. If you can rely on a backup of your data, you have a safety net should it be encrypted and blackmailed by cybercriminals or if you lose your device. In September, the NCSC, Swiss Crime Prevention (SCP) and the cantonal and city police forces will launch a national awareness campaign on the importance of backing up data. The campaign is supported by the internet security platform iBarry and "eBanking – but secure!" (EBAS).

The summer holidays are over. Our many photos remind us of wonderful experiences and new acquaintances. However, many people only realise how important backups are when photos, contacts or other important data is lost, i.e. when it is unfortunately too late. The awareness campaign is therefore currently focusing its efforts on "S" for "Save". Backups not only protect data from loss due to faulty devices or theft, they are also an important safeguard in the event of cyberattacks and blackmail attempts. If you can fall back on a backup of your data, you are less vulnerable to blackmail by cybercriminals in the event of data encryption. Data backups are therefore an important step towards increased cybersecurity. They should also be kept separate from the network and secure so that attackers cannot encrypt them as well. Backups should be made regularly and should become part of your everyday routine. This applies to companies, organisations and private individuals alike. Anyone interested can find out how to do this on the campaign website.

National awareness campaign on backing up data

From 1 September, the NCSC, the SCP and the cantonal and city police forces, with the support of iBarry and EBAS, will be raising awareness among the Swiss population about the importance of backing up data. The campaign visualises a possible data loss with slowly disappearing text, combined with the request to make a backup in time. The campaign website provides educational videos with the most important information. With the acquired knowledge and a bit of luck, you will not only increase your cybersecurity, but could also win a prize. The campaign will run until 30 September 2023.

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