Cybersecurity in simple terms: Awareness-raising event for SMEs

16.05.2024 - For many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), cyberattacks are still an abstract, intangible threat. Although awareness of cyberthreats has increased, there is still a large gap between knowledge and action. To help SMEs get to grips with cybersecurity, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the ITSec4KMU association are organising a free awareness-raising event for SMEs in Bern on 11 June.

Switzerland is the land of SMEs: they account for more than 99% of companies and provide two-thirds of jobs, according to the SECO SME portal. Around 98% of Swiss SMEs employ between 1 and 50 people. Many of these small businesses do not have the resources to be sufficiently proactive about cybersecurity, or are unsure where to start. The awareness-raising event, which will be hosted by the NCSC and ITSec4KMU on 11 June, will enable SME managers to learn about existing tools and practices that can help a small business improve its own cybersecurity. These measures can be put in place quickly, easily and without a large financial outlay.

From the study to the event

Between April and June 2023, a nationwide survey of around 500 managers of SMEs with between 4 and 49 employees was conducted. Swiss Mobiliar, digitalswitzerland, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences and gfs-z├╝rich took part in the representative study. The results of the study will be presented at the event and supplemented with useful information.

  • "One in ten Swiss SMEs (11%) has already been successfully attacked by cyber criminals, with more than half of them suffering financial losses." 
    At the event, we will show you how cyberattacks happen, what the consequences can be, and how you can assess your risk.
  • "There is still a much lower level of implementation of basic organisational protection measures than of technical ones. The two organisational measures that are least frequently implemented are regular employee training and security audits." 
    At the event, we will present basic protection measures and give you specific recommendations on how to apply cybersecurity standards.
  • "44% of SMEs are supported by a single IT service provider and around a third by multiple IT service providers (35%)."
    We will show you what you need to look out for when choosing an IT service provider to ensure you are well protected against cyberthreats.

Cloud security and cyber insurance

Companies are increasingly outsourcing to the cloud because it is often less expensive than managing data in-house. The event will address security concerns around the cloud, how you can protect yourself effectively, and explain how security responsibilities are managed in the cloud. In two breakout sessions, you will also find out how to become certified as an SME and what you need to do to qualify for cyber insurance.

Programme and registration (in german)

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