Increasing cyber resilience in the context of major events and international conferences

06.06.2024 - Large-scale events and international conferences are often used as an opportunity to stage a cyberattack. In order to minimise cyber risks for organisations involved in such events, it is important to have broad-based protective measures in place. The NCSC has published recommendations on such protective measures.

Major events and international conferences, such as the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (WEF) or the high-level conference on peace in Ukraine, which will take place on 15 and 16 June, have an impact on the cyberthreat situation. It is highly likely that events of this kind will increasingly be seen as an opportunity to stage a cyberattack or that participants and their organisations will become the target of such attacks. While the motivation and aims of the perpetrators of cyberattacks may differ, the basic protection measures required remain the same. A large number of potential cyber incidents can be prevented when these are in place.

The NCSC has drawn up a summary of recommended measures to be applied in the context of particularly exposed events. The NCSC recommends that organisations should implement these measures regardless of the current cyberthreat situation, and that suspicious activities should be reported to the NCSC using the online reporting form.

Last modification 06.06.2024

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