Fraudulent competitions

Supposed promises of prizes of mobile phones or vouchers. In many cases, these are sent on behalf of well-known food and other retailers.

The authors want to attract as many participants as possible, so the questions are very easy to answer. In order to receive the supposed prize, personal data such as credit card details, name, email address and mobile phone number have to be entered on a fake website. Often a subscription for several years is unwittingly taken out when the information is sent. The fee is immediately charged to the credit card.
In another variant, participants are asked to call a premium-rate 0901 number. It is necessary to answer as many questions as possible in order to win the supposed prize. In reality, the multitude of questions serves merely to keep the victims on the premium-rate line as long as possible. It goes without saying that the prize does not actually exist.

Last modification 13.12.2020

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