Effective combating and prosecution of cybercrime

Switzerland has the necessary capacities and organisational structures in all situations to identify cyberthreats and cyberincidents quickly and minimise the damage they cause. Incidents can be dealt with even if they persist over an extended period and affect different areas simultaneously.

The digital infrastructure available over the internet opens up new possibilities for potential criminals with great potential for damage to society and the economy. Cybercrime crosses territorial boundaries in a highly dynamic process with short innovation cycles. The greater the digital connectedness, the greater the risk that cyberincidents will start in the virtual world but have a damaging impact in the real world.

Against the backdrop of this development, it is important to further improve interoperability and responsiveness throughout Switzerland and in cooperation with international partners, as well as to coordinate specialist, technical and personnel skills effectively without a reallocation of powers between the various authorities and levels of government.


Last modification 10.04.2023

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