Objectives and measures

The measures described below, are implemented to achieve the five strategic objectives. The measures build on previous activities and specify how these need to be expanded, further developed and supplemented in order to achieve the strategic objectives. The priorities when implementing the measures and the actors involved are also described.
The list of priorities reflects the situation at the time the strategy was drawn up and is continuously reviewed by the NCS Steering Committee and supplemented as necessary.
The list of actors is not exhaustive, but is intended to indicate to the Steering Committee which actors to contact when assessing and further developing the measure. 

  5 Strategic objectives

17 Measures





M1: Cybersecurity education, research and innovation
M2: Awareness raising
M3: Threat situation
M4: Analysis of trends, risks and dependencies

Secure digital services and infrastructures 


M5: Vulnerability detection and prevention
M6: Resilience, standardisation and regulation
M7: Expansion of cooperation between public authorities 

Effective cyberattack detection, prevention, management and defence


M8: Incident management
M9: Attribution
M10: Crisis management
M11: Cyberdefence

Effective combating and prosecution of cybercrime


M12: Expansion of cooperation between prosecution authorities
M13: Case overview
M14: Training of prosecution authorities

Leading role in international cooperation


M15: Strengthening of digital International Geneva
M16: International rules in cyberspace
M17: Bilateral cooperation with strategic partners and international competence centres

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