Objective: Leading role in international cooperation

Switzerland works at an operational and strategic level to promote an open, free and secure cyberspace as well as full recognition, observance and enforcement of international law in the digital space. International Geneva is used as a leading location for debates around cybersecurity. Switzerland can act as a mediator in disputes related to cyberoperations.

Cybersecurity is an important foreign policy issue. Cyberattacks are increasingly being used by state actors to project power and for political goals, intelligence projects and military purposes. In addition to the use of cybermeans in conventional armed conflicts, more and more conflicts are being waged in the digital space by state and non-state actors. Accordingly, international cooperation at both diplomatic and technical/operational levels and in the area of coordinated training is indispensable for reducing cyber-risks.

The protection of Switzerland's foreign and security policy interests must also be ensured in cyberspace. Switzerland therefore works at both the diplomatic and technical/operational levels, as well as in the area of coordinated training, to strengthen international cooperation to minimise cyber-risks.


Last modification 09.04.2023

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