Objective: Secure and available digital services and infrastructure

Switzerland implements measures nationwide to strengthen cyber-resilience. The Confederation and cantons create the necessary conditions to ensure that a high level of protection is guaranteed, that secure digital infrastructures, products and services are used, and that risk appetite is consciously managed.

Measures are needed at various levels to ensure the security of digital services and infrastructures. It is important that vulnerabilities in services and infrastructures are detected and fixed at an early stage and that new services and infrastructures are developed in such a way that they have as few vulnerabilities as possible from the outset. In addition to vulnerability detection and remediation, resilience management is critical. Based on risk and vulnerability analyses, it must be determined which technical and organisational measures will be implemented to increase the resilience of services and infrastructures. This also includes examining the areas in which standards or regulations are needed. Finally, it is important for public authorities to protect their own services against cyberthreats.


Last modification 09.04.2023

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