Cybermyth: If I click on a link, it will really take me to the specified website.

23.06.2022 - The internet lives on the use of links. As they enable you to surf from one website to the next, the internet would never have become so successful without them. But not every link leads to the page you expect. This is because any link whatsoever can be placed behind any text on a website.

Attackers exploit the possibility of placing any desired link behind any text by displaying a trustworthy link in the foreground, but in the background this link leads to a malicious website or file. Incidentally, this also applies to displayed email addresses. To check where a link actually leads to, you can move the mouse over the link (without clicking!). This will display the actual link in the bottom left-hand corner of the status bar on the screen.


  • Bogus links are used especially in emails. Special caution is required here.
  • As a matter of principle, be careful when you are urged to click on a link. It is better not to click on a link once than to just click away every time.
  • Check links before you click on them. Once you have clicked on a link, you can always check which page you are on in the address bar. If you accidentally land on the wrong page, close the browser immediately.

Last modification 23.06.2022

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