Cybermyth: With antivirus protection, I do not need to worry about anything on the internet!

06.01.2022 - Installing antivirus software is important and is part of basic protection, but that alone is not enough to be on the safe side. How you behave online and deal with emails plays just as big a role.

While an antivirus detects some malware, it does not catch all of it. For example, it takes a certain amount of time after malware first appears until antivirus manufacturers are even aware of it and the corresponding programs then detect it. In addition, attackers specialise in continuously modifying the malware, thereby making detection more difficult. Therefore, you are the most important element in the fight against malware. How you behave online and deal with emails is and remains very important. Antivirus protection acts as a supplementary shield in case you miss something.


  • Follow the rules on dealing with emails.
  • Malware is often distributed through Office documents. In most cases, the macro function is exploited. Never give permission to activate the macro function.
  • Install new software only from trusted sources. Check beforehand that it comes from a reputable supplier.
  • Make sure that antivirus software is installed on your computer and that it automatically downloads the latest virus detection patterns.
  • Regularly verify that your computer and programs are up to date.

Last modification 06.01.2022

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