Quad9 moves to Switzerland

17.02.2021 - Quad9, the global, not-for-profit Domain Name System (DNS) security platform, today announced that it has moved its headquarters to Switzerland. The NCSC supports this move.

Non-profit organisation Quad9 is relocating its headquarters to Zurich and setting up a foundation. It will thus be subject to supervision by the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) and governed by Swiss law. The National Cybersecurity Centre supports this move as, among other things, it will contribute to greater protection for internet users in Switzerland, both against cyberattacks and as regards privacy.

Unlike commercial DNS operators, which collect users' personal data and browsing histories and sell them on for profit, Quad9 pursues a different objective: the provision of the DNS service is intended to be both independent of commercial interests and freely available to all users. In addition to free access, security and privacy are also key concerns.

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