Protecting your devices

Proper protection of devices combined with careful use of the internet and email communications reduces the risk of an attack being successful.

Setting up your devices:

Many new operating systems already have an integrated firewall, virus protection and an automatic update function. Activate the relevant function when prompted to do so during the operating system installation.

  • Outdated programs and applications are popular entry points for attackers. Make sure that all devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) automatically download available updates.
  • Activate the operating system's integrated firewall before you connect your device to the internet or other network.
  • Use a virus protection program and activate the automatic update function. Perform a regular full system check.

Only install necessary programs and apps, and only ever download them from the manufacturer's website or an official app store.

Devices directly connected to the internet (fo example laptop, printer, TV, robot vacuum):

Avoid connecting devices directly to the internet by connecting them to a router with integrated firewall. It is usually sufficient to connect the devices to your provider's router. However, take care when changing the access rules on the firewall of your router or your computer.

Devices that are directly connected to the internet must be given special protection. Use passwords that meet current requirements.

Visual protection and screen locks:

Cover up cameras when not in use. Nowadays, there are special camera covers that can be used to blank out the camera lens. The cover should be removed only when you are voluntary using the camera, and should then be put back on immediately.

If you use notebooks and mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) in public areas, use visual protection. You can buy appropriate protective films from specialist shops.

Lock the screen whenever you are not actively using the device. Never leave devices unattended in public areas; instead, carry them with you at all times.

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Last modification 03.05.2024

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