NCS Steering Committee

The NCS Steering Committee (NCS StC) is appointed by the Federal Council. It is comprised of the Federal Cybersecurity Delegate, cantonal representatives appointed by the Conference of Cantonal Governments of Switzerland, as well as of representatives of the business community, of universities and of the administrative units which have lead responsibility for the execution of an NCS measure in accordance with the NCS implementation plan. Each department and the Federal Chancellery have at least one representative in the NCS StC.

The NCS StC ensures strategic coherence in the execution of NCS measures and continuously monitors their progress by means of strategic controlling. It also defines proposals for special measures in the event of delayed or incomplete execution of NCS measures and ensures the ongoing refinement of the NCS. To this end, it monitors the development of the threat situation in exchange with the Cyber Core Group and, if necessary, draws up proposals for adapting the NCS. Furthermore, it prepares an annual NCS implementation report for the Federal Council and the public. It also ensures a coordinated approach by all bodies from the Confederation, the cantons, the business community and the universities involved in the execution of the NCS measures and guarantees that the Confederation's risk policy, the national strategy for critical infrastructure protection and the Federal Council's strategies in the IT sector are taken into account in the execution of the NCS measures.

Last modification 28.10.2021

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