Risky competitions – also at Easter

13.04.2022 - Time and again, fraudsters try to lure internet users into traps with supposed competitions. This is currently happening on WhatsApp, with an alleged Easter competition organised by a well-known chocolate manufacturer. Participants are asked to click on a link, which takes them to a fraudulent website.

Public holidays and major events are regularly exploited by fraudsters to defraud unsuspecting internet users with alleged promises of prizes or vouchers. In many cases, these are sent in the name of well-known food and other retailers.

Supposed Easter competition organised by the chocolate manufacturer Milka

The scammers want to have as many participants as possible, which is why recipients are asked to send the message to other contacts. In order to receive the supposed prize, simple questions have to be answered and personal data such as credit card details, name, email address and mobile phone number have to be entered on a fake website. Often, a subscription for several years is unwittingly taken out when the information is sent. The fee is immediately charged to the credit card.

Be careful:

  • Critically examine messages with tempting promises of winnings.
  • Do not under any circumstances forward tempting competitions to your contacts. It is best to ignore and delete these competition messages.
  • If you provided credit card details, contact your credit card provider straight away.
  • The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) recommends that you send a registered letter to the provider as soon as the error is discovered, contesting the contract on the grounds of error and deliberate deceit. The letter should contain at least the following: "I have been deceived by your website. Consequently, I am hereby contesting any contract concluded on the grounds of error and deliberate deceit."

Last modification 13.04.2022

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