Federal hardware and software – security ensured

On joining the Federal Administration and in the course of your work, you are provided with the ICT tools you need to perform your tasks. This hardware and software has been checked and its interaction is ensured. In addition, the corresponding security measures have been implemented.

  1. Do not make any changes to technical settings.
  2. Do not use any private hardware or programs at your workstation.
  3. Immediately report the loss of a device to the help desk.
  4. Make sure that your private hardware and software are also up to date and thus optimally protected.

Further information

Why should no private hardware or programs be used at your workstation?

These can interfere with the secure operation of Federal Information Technology. There is also a risk of your device being infected with a virus or malware.

Protect your hardware and software at home

Ensure that your devices, software and data are adequately protected. The following five steps for ICT security are helpful here:  

  1. Backup your data
  2. Monitoring with antivirus software and firewall
  3. Preventing with software updates
  4. Protecting online access
  5. Exercising care and remaining alert

Informations and tips for IT security at home can be found under:

eBanking but secure! 

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Last modification 25.05.2023

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