Emails are practical – but can also cause many problems

Potential attackers use emails to try to plant malware on your PC or obtain information. Several million emails with malicious content are deleted every month by the Confederation’s central service provider.
Nevertheless, you run the risk of receiving an undesired email. If you fear that you have received a “contaminated” email, contact your help desk immediately.

  1. Do not use your professional email address for private purposes.
  2. Be careful with email links and attachments. If you are unsure, ask the sender by phone.
  3. Immediately delete emails with obscure content, an unknown sender or a strange subject line with Shift+Delete.
  4. In the case of sensitive information, use secure email services (encryption and/or signing) to protect emails during transmission and to uniquely identify the sender.

Further information

Business email address

Be selective when giving out your email address. Do not use your business email address for private purposes (competitions, orders, newsletters, social networks).

If data leaks from an external provider, it can be misused, for example, for blackmail purposes

No passwords in emails

Never disclose information via email on access authorisations (passwords)! 

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Last modification 25.05.2023

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