Mobile when on the go – your attention is required

The compact size of devices and the almost seamless availability of transmission networks promote working while on the go and at home. Federal devices guarantee secure access to business-related information. But even with these security measures, your attentive cooperation is needed to ensure greater security. Report the loss of your mobile device – or any suspicious behaviour – promptly to your IT security officer and the help desk.

  1. Do not let your mobile devices out of your sight.
  2. Position your device in such a way that the screen contents cannot be read by anyone else. Watch out for unwanted eavesdroppers during conversations.
  3. Be careful with public WLANs and charging stations.
  4. Update your device regularly.
  5. Use a security software to communicate confidential information.
  6. Terminate connections (WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC) if you do not need them.

Further information

Why do you have to be careful with public WLAN and charging stations?

Travel abroad

How can I protect my screen from unauthorised viewing?

When you work on the go or attend a meeting, it's none of your neighbours' business what you do on the computer. To protect your screen, we recommend that you install a screen protector.

Update your device regularly. What does that mean?

Connect your laptop regularly to the federal network. This ensures that you always have the latest programs. This also applies to the programs that protect you from malware. We recommend updating the device at least once a week. 

Where can I get the Threema Work app for communicating confidential information?


The "Threema Work" app is available for official smartphones of the Federal Administration that are integrated in MDM. 
For private smartphones, the "Threema" app can be obtained from the app store. 

When should I use Threema Work?

Threema encrypts the transmitted data. For this reason, Threema Works must be used in the Federal Administration for confidential conversations or messages.  


Why is terminating unused connections (WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC) important?

Any open connection can be used as an entry point for attackers.

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Last modification 25.05.2023

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