Social networks – be sparing with information

Social networks, blogs and forums have fundamentally changed our world of communication and our communication behaviour. Information and personal opinions are visible to practically the whole world. But that also entails risks: very often, personal information from social networks is collected and used for personalised attacks.

  1. Do not publish information about your professional environment unless you are entitled to do so.
  2. Publish as little information about yourself as possible. So no photos or statements that can be used against you.
  3. Remember that the internet forgets nothing!

Further information

What is professional information?

This can include, for example, details of projects, contracts, financing, planning, etc. Information on your work colleagues should not be posted on social networks either. 


Take care with personal data

Be cautious in disclosing personal information in social networks. Do not publish any photos that can be used against you. Remember that if you apply for a job, the company is likely to carry out background checks that include social networks. Expert collators of data can put together an overall picture even from seemingly trivial information in order to launch an attack on an individual or a company.


And remember: the Internet never forgets

Data published on the Internet (such as embarrassing photos from your past) can be removed from the page in question, but they may already have been disseminated and stored in an uncontrolled manner. 


Last modification 12.12.2020

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