Attackers threaten to publish compromising pictures or video material if you do not respond to a ransom demand. Victims were previously contacted via social media and lured into undressing in front of the camera.

Sextortion is a blackmailing method in which victims are blackmailed with pictures and video material showing them performing sexual acts (masturbation) and/or naked. The term "sextortion" is composed of "sex" and "extortion".

The victims receive an invitation or friend request from an unknown attractive man or woman via social networks (e.g. Facebook or dating platforms). After accepting this invitation or request, this woman or man contacts the target and starts a conversation.
She or he suggests switching to a video chat (e.g. Skype), during which the attacker gets the target to expose himself, masturbate, dance around naked or pose suggestively. All actions during the video chat are secretly recorded. The victim is later contacted by extortionists and asked to pay money. The perpetrators threaten to publish the recordings on YouTube with the victim's name, send the recordings via email to family members, friends or the employer, or publish the link on Facebook.

Last modification 22.02.2021

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