Calls in the name of fake authorities (police, duty)

The NCSC is currently receiving numerous reports of phone calls that are ostensibly from an authority. The callers claim, for example, that there are issues with the SwissID and bank account. 

This starts with an apparent phone call from the police. A computer-generated voice informs the victim that their personal banking data has been brought into connection with a crime. For further information, the call recipient should press 1. The modus operandi was initially unclear, but the reports by members of the public indicate that in the case of a call back, the victim is told to download a remote access tool and grant the attackers access to their computer. Here too, the fraudsters try to persuade the victim to grant access to their e-banking account. Once the fraudsters have obtained access, they use the remote access tool to make payments in the background.

Last modification 22.12.2023

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